Standby Generators

Leiser Offers Emergency Power Supply Systems in the Boston Area

Protect your home from power outages by trusting the standby generator installation services provided by Leiser Corporation. With our wiring services, you can rest assured that your family will have power even during the worst of storms. You can count on our standby generators for uninterrupted service without having to worry about kilowatts or transfer switches, and our customer service is beyond compare.

Hassle-Free Power Transfer

In the event of a utility power outage, the transfer switch – working in tandem with the standby generator—quickly and automatically starts the generator to restore power to the home. Then, once the utility power is restored, the transfer switch will automatically transfer the power back to the utility and turn the generator off. No inconvenience, no hassle, no worry.

Just What Your Family Needs

Fresh food in the refrigerator and warm air blowing from the heater are important for keeping your family happy and healthy. So, if the main power gets knocked out by a storm, a standby home generator automatically provides clean, quiet, emergency backup power—just what your family needs to be safe and comfortable.

Perfect For Emergencies

Commercial-grade residential power systems from Leiser Corporation are dependable and offer worry-free protection for power outages. Whether you need a whole house generator or one that powers just your essential circuits, call on our licensed technicians and we’ll provide you with a free quote and generator size evaluation.

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