The modern office contains a variety of devices, all of which require electricity to function. If you’re opening a new office building or renovating an existing one, it’s important to consider the building’s electrical wiring since the right arrangement will provide a more convenient, productive workplace for your staff. Here are a few considerations when designing your office’s wiring.

A Guide to Electrical Wiring for Offices

1. Accessibility of Outlets
With so many mobile devices floating around offices these days, whether they’re smartphones, laptops, or tablets, you’ll need plenty of outlets for staff to recharge as needed. Along with expanding the number of outlets, you’ll also want to place them strategically throughout the office. Luckily, outlets can be placed in a number of locations, including on walls and within floors. They can even be incorporated into desks and cubicles for added convenience.

2. Capability of Conference Rooms
Long gone are the days of phone conferences in meeting rooms. These days, conference rooms are far more dynamic thanks to video presentations and conferencing, as well as remote accessibility for team members working away from the office. As a result, your meeting room should be fully wired to accommodate monitors, laptops, projectors, and other devices that will make sure conferences run smoothly.

3. Quality of Lighting
When it comes to office lighting, you have to strike a balance between practicality and ambiance. Overhead lighting is important to ensure good visibility, but harsh fluorescent lights can cause eye strain and headaches. Combining different lighting fixtures is often the best solution. Choose overhead hanging lights, but use them in conjunction with softer wall sconces to reduce strain on the eyes. Desk lamps for more specific task lighting should also be included in the electrical wiring plan to help staff during more precise work.

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